Puerto Rico: Day 3, Cabo Rojo and Boquerón

We have booked a week stay at Aquarius Beach Club in Boquerón. This is a timeshare getaway or else we would have more slowly circumnavigated the island and stayed at various hotels. Our hotel is on the southwest corner of the island and as such we are missing the zip-lines of El Yunque National Forest and the Vieques Island (which our hedge-fund "friend" tells us is where many of the ex-pats are living). Not because we consider the island particularly big geographically to drive but the under-groomed, winding side roads and generally slow highway speeds make for slower-than-expected travel.

The Boquerón Beach is sauntering distance from our hotel and is a crescent shaped, white sand, locals favorite. It is also a wildlife manatee refuge. Very cool but inherently filled with seaweed and thus sand fleas. Not my first choice. The seaport village is quintessential olde worlde pirates hang-out.  I dubbed it Popeye's Sweethaven of PR. Vendors sell fresh oysters and clams along the main thoroughfare, nestled between every tourist boutique is a cold beer and sangria bar. Weekends are loud, festive and tolerant of the Y-gens tats and nose rings. This town even hosts a yearly Gay Pride parade, many young alternatives call this area home, extremely nice couples and business owners.

We enjoyed two evenings here and found the wait-staff efficient but the kitchen staff suffering from too much "Island Time" mentality. LaMarea has amazing seafood but the barstools made the wait for fine dining pretty excruciating. We also found fresh seafood at Galloways, but we were a bit eaten alive by "no-see-ums".

For a slightly cleaner beach, we loaded into the car and spent the day at Playa Buyé. Another white sand, crescent beach, narrow in width and plenty of shading mangroves. My only complaint would be the lack a open beach for laying out. The waves could occasionaly soak a poorly placed beach towel. We are told this water is crystal clear but during our stay, apparently the weather has been churning the sea. We are none the wiser, as we have had mostly nice sunny days.

Since it was Saturday, the locals took over. Normally, I would wish for more personal space, but the smells of PR chicken and pork skewer BBQ, Latino musicá blasting across the beach and the overall family environment set me at ease and made for another festive day. While I kept an eye on our stuff when enjoying the surf, I never felt unsafe or the target for nefarious activity.