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Crossbones: Yo-ho! The history of the Jolly Roger, a Pirate story.

The ominous skull and crossbones has a much deeper past than being a warning sign that "thar be pirates aboard." Sumeria and Egypt The skull and cross bones is no other than a morphology of the Chi-Rho (Labarum). The Chi-Rho however goes back as far as 2500BC Sumeria as a combination of the two sun symbols . The Sun God and the ascension of the Conquering King. Chi for the Great Fire (Sun) and Rho for the Pater (Father). The term labarum (chi-rho) yields everlasting Father & Sun . It is not a great leap to see from Sumeria/Meopotamia; the belief in Re, the Sun God, Horus, the son of Re and the Ka, man, ruler, god, father; the earthly representative of the God. Enter the idol King Tutankhamen ; buried under the crook and flail ; the herdsman of humanity. KaRe. Chi-Rho. XP. The Oracle of God is mummified and entombed as the good Shepard of his Flock. Therefore, Chi Rho ☧ comes from early Egyptian Sun-God beliefs and further reinforcement of Greek Pagan sym

Virabhadrasana Padangusthasana Mandala Vinyasa

I'm back with a totally new flow! Remember: to do a Mandala Vinyasa you must move from front of room to side to face back of room, then repeat with the SAME lead leg then reverse via the other leg as lead. As always start is Down Dog Inhale (r) leg lift, Exhale sweep to low lounge, Inhale rise to Vira 1, Exhale hands interlace behind back, Inhale lift your heart (still clasped) Exhale Humble Warrior Inhale Vira 1 Exhale launch into one-legged, standing balance with floating leg extended out front = modified/easy Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana with hands at Anjali Mudra Inhale float back to Vira 2 Exhale Extended Side Angle Inhale 5-pointed Star Exhale Vira 2 towards the back of the room Inhale Step together Tadasana hands over head Exhale Cactus Arms/gentle backbend Inhale Tadasana Exhale fold forward Uttanasna Inhale Half-Lift Exhale Chattranga vinyasa flow to DD. Repeat (r) leg to return to front of room Repeat twice with (l) Enjoy!

On Maya Angelou - a writing prompt

Your skin like dawn Mine like musk One paints the beginning of a certain end. The other, the end of a sure beginning. Maya Angelou This is my Wednesday Evening Writer Group post - we were given a Maya Angelou prompt and told to write a story based off her poem. I share it, not sure that it is all that good, but I am a mommy-blogger, so this really is an outlet for me. Enjoy or not, my 20 other readers will do the same. He was young, virile. His skin sun-kissed by caramel dew. He'd been running, the days too numerous to count. Her shop was filled with sweets, glamoured in the window store front. His stomach growled with the force of a summer storm. His mouth watered opposite the pedestals of powdered goodies, taunting him. He scanned the road, right to left, beside his foot rested a discarded brick. No doubt from the construction site down the road. They had turned him down earlier today. "Too young," they'd said, "Go back home." He was str

Requirements to be considered the SHIT™ (Speed Hike Interval Training)

SHIT™ work requires some serious ground rules. This is an individual endeavor. There is an I in SHIT™, meaning that you should take care of yourself and not compare your SHIT™ to other people's SHIT™. People have been known to SHIT™ together, often when camping is involved, but it is highly suggested that you simply take care of your own SHIT™. Taking your own SHIT™ is okay, but taking other people's SHIT™ is never allowed. SHIT™ should never be logged by a measured length. We are not a competitive group. Instead the following descriptors should be considered. For the more literal or those needing to report your progress to a doctor, we suggest: It was a _____ SHIT™ -long -compacted -well formed -rocky/pebbly -difficult -easy -smooth -average -wet My hiking buddy took two shits during my SHIT™.  for those that like a little more euphemisms in their life, the following would work: -colorful -bumpy -floral -unusual -spongy just to name a few Usu

Speed Hike Interval Training: SHIT™

What exactly is Speed Hike Interval Training? It is incline and intensity training that maximizes your fat-burning workout without the pounding of running or risk of crazy injury. Fundamentally, you find a Colorado trail with lots of hills and hike it as fast as you can. Or, basically, you hike the SHIT™ out of it. No longer can the orange therapy, cross-fit, enduro-bike, half-, tri-, and marathon peoples claim they are the SHIT™, because the real SHIT™ happens without injury on the trails of Colorado! Now, this SHIT™ is gonna be big and as soon as I can, I will schedule some SHITTIE locations. (Speed Hike Interval Train Touring Individual Events); however, first I must find some real SHITTERs (Speed Hike Interval Train Tour Event Resources). The idea during these events is everyone will pile into small groups. We will snake through some interval hills ending the tour at a deep, blue lake. People who cannot help themselves and must run down there legs shall be immediately flush


"Blueberries! Blueberries for sale," the little boy hollered. He had torn pedal-pushers and a dirty brown collar. "Bushel's and Basket's! Perfect for pies. Summer sweetness, made by the skies!" Please, he thought to himself, my sister needs a doctor, a nurse, or medicine to cure what disfigures her most. Please buy my lovely blueberries. I've tilled and I've toiled. I'm sunburnt and bruised. I hide all my tips for my little sisters health, Father's in brothels and barrooms spending our wealth. "Today, today only, I'll give you a deal. Blueberries, Blueberries - Special...for sale.