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Full Moon Chakra Meditation Script (reposted)

Original Post: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Full Moon Chakra Meditation Script Full Moon Meditation Full moon evenings are a time for rejuvenation, a time to connect with your vision and refine your intention. At the time of the full moon there is a greater opportunity to overcome obstacles in one’s nature. Take a few deep breaths with your intention to help clear your mind and open your heart. As you breathe, tap into your spirit. Remember a day when you felt very close to your faith, remember the setting, perhaps outdoors in nature or at a place of worship. Observe how your body feels when the memory is retold to yourself. From this magical place of surrender, feel yourself lifting from the Earth. A mystical energy draws you forward into the night air. You feel yourself moving across the Earth, as if magnetic forces are dancing beneath you, keeping you from touching-down. The force is taking you into an outdoor clearing where the dark, sparkling sky sprinkles sta

Hip Opener/Chest Challenge Flow: Utthita Parsvakonasana

It is important to start this series with hips that are warmed-up. My favorite hip warm-up: start in Cat/Cow, extend one leg out and to the side. From the same side, thread the needle three times. Repeat other side. Hip-Opener Challenge: (2 blocks recommended) Note: there are 3 parts to this series. Part one is Utkatasana series, Part Two is Utthita Parsvakonasna series, and Part Three is Padangusthasana series. Part 1: DD, exhale step feet to between hands, Uttansana, inhale, half-lift, exhale, fold, inhale, Utkatasana, place one block between knees exhale, Revolved Utkatasana, remain for a few breaths repeat second side exhale, fold forward, inhale, half-lift, exhale, chatarunga vinyasa flow DD, Part 2: inhale, right leg lifts exhale, sweep to right elbow, hold in perched position, inhale, three-legged dog, repeat 2x times, last time step to runner's lunge (foot is outside both hands, wide hip angle) locate block, place to inside

The Humble Trikonasana

DD Inhale Right Leg Lift Exhale Sweep to low lunge Vira 1 feet Inhale Vira 1 Exhale Hands interlace behind back Inhale lift heart Exhale Humble Warrior Inhale Vira 1 Exhale Vira 2 Inhale Reverse Warrior Exhale Extended Side Angle Inhale Tirkonasana Exhale Extended Side Angle Inhale Reverse Warrior Exhale Windmill to High Plank Chatruanga Danasana Vinyasa DD Repeat Left Side

Let's just wine about it...

Normally, I don’t tend to blog about trips to So. Cali, after all for my husband it’s just going home. We did have an ominous start timing our drive into DIA with only the 3 rd tornado to ever touchdown within a stones throw of tarmac.  We were physically stopped on Pena Blvd like sitting ducks waiting to be swept-up to Oz. Meanwhile, a schoolgirl friend I ran into after check-in mentioned that she was forced to go to the restrooms/shelters. She was quite disgruntled having just been served her wine, much ado for having to slam her libation. Needless to say we finally boarded the Frontier plane, soon to find out that even though I spent extra for assigned seats because I didn’t check-in 24 hours ahead, run the 400m under 5 minutes and shuffle, shuffle step ball change and turn, I was given the prime seating of the very last row. I do believe the next gouging of US flights will be to charge us to use the loo. (‘Course we don’t want to give them any ideas, do we.) La

Vispassana Mediation: Insight to see things as they really are...

Sit comfortably straight and let’s join together for three breaths. Practice: Square Breath Now, close your eyes and think thoughts of good will. Thoughts of good will go first to yourself, because if you can't think of good will for yourself, if you can't feel a sincere desire for your own happiness, there's no way you can truly wish for the happiness of others. •Tell yourself: "May I find true happiness." Repeat • Tell yourself: "True happiness is something that comes from within, so this is not a selfish desire." Repeat Now you shall develop resources for happiness within you, so that you may radiate it out to other people. Happiness doesn't depend on taking anything away from anyone else. Now turn your positivity to people who are close to your heart, your family, your loved ones, your very close friends: •Tell yourself: “May they find true happiness” Repeat Then spread those thoughts out in ever widening circles: peo

Mother Earth Meditation for Easter (Ostara) Vernal Equinox

Pranayama: Robin’s Breath, 8 rounds Find yourself in a comfortable position, begin your journey inward, and draw your shoulders down and away. Lengthen your spine and observe a path in front of you. Ahead of you is a robin perching on an Aspen branch.  You follow the robin into a stand of trees.  You are walking into a dense forest. The sky is overcast and the woods are gloomy. You wish to change your surroundings, and the robin pulls you gently further into your travels, deeper into yourself. Rays of sunlight begin to break through the dense cloud cover. You feel the grey oppression lifting as the sun begins to warm patches of your skin. Above you, in the tree, you see another robin sitting in a nest. A ray of light is warming her and her blue speckled eggs. The branches of the trees are bare, the land is nearing the end of its wintertime slumber, and it is just before the dawn of springtime. The trees themselves are waking from their slumber; on every branch there a