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Dhatu Agni Yoga Sequence

Dhatu Yoga Sequence There are seven levels of Dhatu Agni: the healing fire of health. As we fire-up our Dhatu our body will produce a microchil of Ojas: Ahararasa. A sweet drop of protoplasmic honey-type substance found in the heart. When sattvic practices are introduce into our lives, the seven layers of our body take time to regenerate healthier tissue, layer upon layer. Each layer of Ahararasa requires 5 days of tissue rebirth. 7 layers and 5 days for a sum total of 35 days for each drop of precious Ojas. Think of it as a drop of essential oil mixing into the lubricating carrier oil of our body. A little goes a long way and with healthful practices we develop more and more Ojas. The spiritual fountain of youth.  This practice should be done everyday for 35 days, as time goes by, you will notice the practice gets easier and easier and concurrently deeper and deeper as you transform over the 35 days.  Level One: Rasa is our plasma, lymph, blood vessels and tendons. Bounces

Yuletide Meditation - Winter Solstice

This meditation is best done seated near a lighted tree or in front of holiday lights. After sun-down and before sun-up. Let the fairies dance upon the boughs, behold the magic within the needles. Each tiny orb is a memory, each light a window to the future. As yuletide is upon us - now find your presence. The sun is at it’s furthest from our realm and darkness lays across us like a patchwork quilt, sewn together with ribbons and traditions.  On this, our longest eve, invite our Lady of Light to grace us with her care, her grace and her maternal warmth. Gaze softly into the light of the fairy tree, let the embers glow, muted by your softened contemplation (drishti). Allow the aura of lights to be your key to your true identity; your key opens the door between your mind and your spirit. Upon entering, your space is void of attachment. What was a duality, a separation, is now a flow of consciousness, an ultimate awareness of I AM (so-ham).  As your gaze looks into the softness o

The Crazy Process

 Phase one: Tear-out carpets, curtains and dated cabinets; move some walls and create the ever desired "Open Concept." We have learned that Dave and Mary Wood enjoyed entertaining and were a huge asset to the community. We hope to follow in there footsteps. View from the Family Room into the kitchen, we are down to the studs! The Kitchen was very dark, nestled between two load bearing walls. On the right, through the studs, is a sunroom with a nice large window. On the left (green wall) is the formal living room, with a nice bay window. We have decided to open up both walls and insert beams. Let there be LIGHT!  I am guessing this is ArtDeco 1920s wall paper. Discovered behind drywall in the guest bath. We had open this wall due to a suspicious bulge in the wall, we found a black mold condensation problem from steam pipes from the coal/steam radiator system. Once this is all replaced and repaired, I plan to either have the wall paper recreated or handpainted.  The masterbath

My first travel blog is about moving to Ouray, Colorado

I decided to create a new travel blog which may eventually become a website for our Bell Haus building located in Ouray, Colorado and home of K J Wood Distillers. However, my first post was placed on my blog on health and wellness. Please click the following link for the first story. Coming soon - our adventures in NYC over 9/11/14! In the beginning there was a Colonial Home.  (Update: I was able to attached to this post, scroll down!) Yes! It's true! Me hubs, my kids and I are going to move to a little mountain town in SW Colorado, 45 minutes from Telluride. Ouray is a gorgeous mining town with it's own hot springs. We have wanted to live in Ouray since before moving to Loveland but it's a small town with little opportunities for vibrant income. Most people have their hands in many jobs. Nonetheless, we are at a position in our lives where we are able to move here. This is a total leap of faith but we have encountered so many signs that point to YES that w