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Meditation Script: The Stillness of Winter

Welcome to your mat, to your bolster, to your pillows. Light a candle and see the flare of the wick, hear the pop of the light, feel the warmth of the flame, smell the singe of the fire and taste the stillness within. Close your eyes and rest. Welcome winter's grace, breathe in, breathe out. Repeat...again...and again...until stillness envelopes you into a deeper sense of quietude. So too, winter brings quietude, stillness and rest. Most days we work to fill a void, be it money, or love, or hunger. We fill our lives with everything that is next. The next paycheck, the next text, the next meal. Winter is nature's hibernation. Winter is telling us to rest. It is a time to move more slowly, with intention, across the slippery ice of life, plan your present movement in order to avoid crashing down with the next movement. Start with your breath, find presence. Observe without moving, use your awareness to feel the boundaries of your skin, notice where you are warm, where you