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T-30 days and counting!

Repurposed sink going into modified school desk, See previous blog Well, I have had a wonderful response to people enjoying my blog. I usually update when I visit, but things are getting down to the wire, so I probably won't go down again until I move, so I thought I'd share some of the progress via John' experience. And for those asking me why? My simple answer is:  Lifestyle. We purchased the house in October 2014 and yet the reno goes on... Family Room, just loving the wood tones.  Cleaned up kitchen with countertops in! Waiting for backsplash Yes, it's an old home, historic even, but the bigger portion of the pie went into renovating the 1970's updates and not the bones of the 1880's home. Our biggest complaint is most of the labor force is overpriced for skill set and/or they don't deliver on service. It is our experience that we are getting charged Boulder prices for labor; which is okay for Boulder because there is a good chance the person coming into