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Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride

“There is  a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back all changed." ~Kate Wiggin Day 1: The return to the Big Island. I am not sure I can express my intense love of Hawaii. Some places just feel like home. Aside from our Ouray home; Boulder, San Diego and the Big Island; two of which I have no intention of ever living there again, but they feel like home when I visit. I am sad to say that in the 5 years since our last visit, Kona has been discovered and infiltrated by Boomers. It has become a bit of a mini-retirement SoCal or Aging Boulder.  But, perhaps, that is why I love it.  Nonetheless, when my family journeys, we tend to take the paths less traveled. We booked the newest craze, a short-term rental, our VRBO was very adequate; however, located on a very hilly neighborhood, with an ocean overlook, and a black pebbles beach only a short, steep, drive away. We were south of Captain Cook, remote from any convenient store; roosters and north america