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We fired our Journeyman!

Unfortunately, we had to fire our main carpenter. Now, I am not going to call him our General, our GC or even our contractor because he was never The Lead however much he thought he was. And there-in lays the problem. He was planning on charging us, not only for his hourly rate but also an 8% oversight rate on his own work. And not only his but that of all other contractors including the ones we brought in. Now, we get that most home construction projects need a head honcho and we even agree that some of the subs need organization and timing. We even agreed to his 8% on the subs he contracted in; however, he wanted to see our budget from the loan and he was working so slow that he was taking twice as long as many repairs should have taken. Bummer for him, we have over 30 years combined experience in apartment management and sub-contractor maintenance, and we have a pretty good idea of how long things should take. We gave him the heave-ho. So where does that leave us? Scrambling a littl

Sattvic Awareness

I got into a fight yesterday. Not a knock-down but a verbal discord with a meat suit. Yes, not with the soul I should accept and love as all-one.  It is said that we will keep experiencing the lesson until we learn from it. My lesson has been repeating it's self over and over for many, many years. The problem is my lesson is also what I enjoy doing.  My lesson is in the reality that I like to teach other's. In the right scenario, I teach people yoga and guide them to a healthy mindset. People come to me, even pay me, to empower them on health and wellness. But in the wrong scenario, I want to put people "in there place" or more correctly, in my place. Where I think they should I have some Jedi-mind trick to conformity.  This need to teach people and tell them what I have figured-out is so ingrained, my whole desire in life is to accomplish something for which I earn recognition. I want to write a book, to show how well I can write. I want to cr

Stop killing your back! Warm-Up Vinyasa for your spine.

It's cold in Colorado right now (January) and going into a warm yoga studio sounds like heaven. I try to arrive early so my body can soak-up the ambient heat. In fact, Hot Yoga studios depend on the warmth to create a more flexible physical state so as to deepen the experience. It is common knowledge that heat = more flexibility. I often relate our muscles to rubber bands - if you freeze a rubber band it will warp/break when stretched. But what happens if you twist that rubber band first? It will micro-tear/shatter. I read instructors bio's when I have a chance and usually try to go to instructors who have an anatomy background - strictly for safety sake. But moreover, especially when taking from a new-to-me instructor, I have a warm-up ritual, a no-injury vinyasa for my spine. Don't get me wrong, recent studies show that warm-up muscle stretching is bad for the body. This is true. I am not talking about pre-workout muscle stretching. Muscles need to be activated for jo