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Driving, Romans, Vikings and fire.

Stay on the left side. Keep your front right corner on the middle lane stripes, never stop in a roundabout. But nobody told me how to approach a roundabout when you need to take a third exit. I have to say, the Scots are nice people, respectful, convivial and even a little tolerant, esp when I had to go around again, or cut them off to get over. (The English...not so much.)  Only 4 honks over 370 miles and a few turnabouts due to not wanting to cut someone off and having to turn around. My poor daughter bore the brunt of my self-vexation, I had to explain that I wasn't mad at her as she also had to learn-by-fire how to navigate. This experience should make her an excellent driver.                On route to the airport to pick up the rental car, the taxi-driver asked "Can I give you a suggestion for driving on the left?" "Yeh, of course." "Switch you watch to your other wrist." "Cheers!" Best advice so far this trip. I totally bungle the S


It's foggy and cold, very much like every other time I have visited this gothic city. My family is happy to be back in an English speaking country... If you can call it that. Aye, you can, but a wave of guilt washes over me every time I say "sorry?" Or "again please?" Normally, it takes me a few hours to get an ear for the language/dialect/accent and then I find even my blog post word choice and lyricism in my head begin sounding like the locals. You'd think I'd be better a learning foreign languages. Anyways, my German "ja's" are now Scottish "yeh's".                      I am very thankful that I choose to stay out at the airport Marriott, not only did it give my kids Starbucks in the lobby, (what? a taste of home?) it also was only a few minutes cab ride when we arrived at 3am. Sleep usually alludes me the first night of a long haul and then I slowly make-up for over the next few days, and today was no different. I try

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee... Dachau and Scheißheim Art Museum

After today, there are two books I want to re-read. All Quiet on the Western Front and For Whom the Bell Tolls. Both speak about the human condition we call life.     No man is an  Iland , intire of it selfe; every man is a peece of the  Continent , a part of the  maine ; if a  Clod  bee washed away by the  Sea ,  Europe  is the lesse, as well as if a  Promontorie  were, as well as if a  Mannor  of thy  friends  or of  thine   owne were; any mans  death  diminishes  me , because I am involved in  Mankinde ; And therefore never send to know for whom the  bell  tolls; It tolls for  thee . ~John Donne                      "Works gives you Freedom" Nazi Propaganda         Never Again Dachau:  What can one say about the magnitude of a place like this? It's not joyous, it's not a holiday, it's not a vacation. It is an example of very real, basic human barbarism. Xenophobia at its worst.  I stand inside a gravelled courtyard, listening to a recording of an ol

Neuschwanstein, Füssen and Augsburg

                                            Füssen     Fuggeri     Rathaus     Goldener Saal             St. Lurch and Afra The fairy tale continues as we drive to Neuschwanstein castle. Despite the fact that King Ludwig II died at age 40 under dubious conditions after being found guilty of insanity and bankrupting Bavaria in the late 1800s, setting the path for a centralized state, his crazy vision brings more money via tourism than any other feature in Germany. The Disney Cinderella castle is based on this beautiful and iconic schloß. Say what you want, but this guy had style. Truly, this is a beautiful, brilliant creation. But as they say, there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Located on the Romantic Road, the castle overlooks a beautiful waterfall with two lakes, his grandfather's castle (where he grew-up) and is nestled in the gracious Alps. It really is a not-to-miss location. I think it's best to walk the visitor road up to the castle, cir