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Meditation of the Heart: Hum Sah Mantra Script

Hum Sah Mantra and Heart Meditation All mantra’s are thought to be experienced like four levels to a ladder, whereas each higher rung is wider and stronger. The first rung is known as the vaikhari and represents the articulated mantra. In this level we feel distinct from the mantra. I described this as the ever typing monkeys. This level of mantra is calmer than agitated monkeys but definitely not quiet like well-behaved monkeys. This rung is articulated vibration.   The next rung up is the sound of the mantra known as madhyama . In the case of hum  sah  it is the literal sound of the breath. The hum of the inhale through the throat and the sah of the exhale through the throat. This is a more astral plane experienced in the throat. Here one is aware of the literal words but now also can feel the sound of the mantra. This rung is now 1000x wider than the rung below.  There are two more rungs, each 1000x wider than the one below. The heart level is known as pashyanti, this l

Releasing the Mind through Mantra Hum Sah Meditation Script

Meditation of the Mind How does our mind play into meditation? This, of course can be a very large topic and much greater than what we wish to delve into when first beginning meditation. The Snake and the Monkeys. Our Mind can be thought of like a snake. At one level, the mind grounds us, there is a primal energy, a reptilian instinct for survival. But as our mind grows through experience, reflection and meditation, we must shed our old skin due to growth. We still have our body connected to the earth, our physiological functions, but we shed what does not serve our being any more. When we meditate we are seeking to grow. Our minds have an Inherent Source (the Inner Self) which seeks growth. So much so, if we don’t shed harmful habits, we can make ourselves sick. Therefore, we slither and snag our old skin against obstacles and obscuration to facilitate peeling away our old ways. Even our eyes, our outlook, our thoughts, can be cloudy until we reach a higher