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Litha - Summer Solstice Chakra Meditation Script - Hum Sa

The sun has graced us with all its virtuous rays, the peak of warmth and the potency of growth.  Litha, Goddess, Green Man and all fairies of summer bring to us fertile creativity, fulfillment of purpose, and reasons for joy and celebration.  For your body, find comfort in repose. From your spine feel the envelope of strength and sinew, your current blessings of support. Honor the virtue of your constitution, all matters of mind, body and spirit. From your internal structure bring awareness to your spiritual energies.  From your tailbone, muladhara, your root connects with Mother Earth, now is her time of optimum vibrancy. Red in color, like the summer rose. Hum Sa.  From your sacrum, swadhisthana, your sacred pelvis celebrates fertility and creation, vibrate your innovation for change. Orange in color like the seed-borne poppy. Hum Sa. From your diaphragm, mahipura, your deepest breath connects all thoughts to action, extend all powers from your core to your periphery. Yellow in color