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Mabon, Autumnal Equinox, a meditation script for Fall Sabbat

In this season of gathering, when daylight gives way to the dark, when the veils of rebirth gives way to the ceremony of passage, now is the time to reflect and protect the inner spirit. Draw your awareness inward and quiet your mind. Turn your attention to the changing leaves and the resting of seeds. In your mind’s eye, visualize the transition of the season’s illuminessence. Sense the fall coolness, the morning frost on golden leaves. Now is the time of rest, a retreat from the sun’s energy, a dance into stillness. Embrace the breath cycle, in and out, like the old-growth fronds now drifting to Mother Earth; the rise and fall of the tumbling leaves subject to Gaia's inspiration and expiration, let the seasonal shift embrace your body. Sense the deep mysteries within you, fall into your conscious engagement, leave behind the heat of summer. Reflect. Every new cycle begins from the seeds buried under the compost of summer’s bounty. In this new stage of the lifecycle