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Vaya Con Dios Mexico

I have never been a huge fan of Mexico. For many Americans, it's almost an obligatory pilgrimage, especially if you are between the ages of 18 to 21, a collegiate rite-of-passage. As the mother of a few up-and-coming collegians, we decided to introduce our brood to the experience that is a Mexican Spring Break under controlled supervision. Actually, we started our inauguration Thanksgiving 2017. My husband's teenage stomping grounds was So Cal and San Diego is where our true hearts first met. Therefore, rolling across the Tijuana border was not too daunting-of-thought. To me, it is amazing how quickly one is hit by a proverbial geo-political Wall. My anecdotal border crossing experience, which is somewhat vast, is that crossing the US/Mexican border is one of the most dissonant one can experience. While the roads are maintained to a level of consistency, the lack of public services and poverty on the Mexican-side is consummate and pervasive. The word amongst Americans is