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Mallorca, Majorca -- you decide.

  The next stop in our adventure was Mallorca (Catalan) or Majorca (Spanish). An island off the coast of Spain, southeast of Barcelona, and nearly halfway to Algiers. The largest of the Balearic islands, it was a major seaport during James I, Crown of Aragon, and had one of the best cartographic schools during medieval times.  Mallorca or Majorca -- either way it's a great place to hang with locals! A commerce port for Christopher Columbus, who is suspected to be of Mallorcan descent , he hid his true origins in order to favor financial support for his explorations by various nations. It becomes very obvious why the Spaniards liked California — the coastal-scape and weather are very similar. Olive groves and wineries pepper the land; palm trees are intermixed with cactus. Spain is like our Mexico but much cleaner. The Spanish take care of their coastal desert far better than the North Americans do in Central America. Man in middle lost his tapas.   We were fortunate that our hosts

Where are the Punkers? London and Windsor

On a corner of Piccadilly Circus is the original Hard Rock Cafe , and John and I had the whole of London to entertain us.  Over the next two days, our darling girl had classes, a mixture of online and field trips around the fashion world of London; exploring fabric shops in London sounds so romantic.  We walked along Regent Street , up from Piccadilly, and down memory lane. Both of us having visited in our ‘80s youth. Gone are the Anarchists and English Punk , who made London vibrant. Yes, as a twelve-year-old, the Punkers were scary and authentic — they were a heartbeat who made the whole world a bigger heart. Queen Victoria at Windsor Hard Rock Cafe! Inside Hard Rock, the hordes of energetic Americans are missing, the encased costumes are of current performers we hardly recognize. The burgers are still terrible. And, it made me nostalgic for our cultural individuality. St. Pauls Cathedral Where are the anarchy-punkers? We found London homogenized. There is a Starbucks, or Five Guys,