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Marcy takes on Seattle!

The last time I was in the Seattle area, I was considering my acceptance to the University of Puget Sound . I was a naïve girl with no real thoughts other than whether I would get into San Diego (USD) . Hmmm... Rain, clouds and short days over sun, sand and Tijuana? I really didn't properly appreciate my parents paying for a trip to WA State. I really had no intention of going to PSU but it was one of the first times I travelled completely independently, first time I rented a car and first time I had to get where I needed to go all on my own. Really it was quite a good experience for me, and for that, I suppose the opportunity and expense was not lost on me.  This opportunity to travel was the first time my daughter was going to a major synchronized swimming competition. I have travelled tons in the last 30 odd years since my young age of 18, with husband, without husband, with three kids in tow and without, but somehow I felt completely disoriented. Basically, I never felt I had

Marcy takes on Seattle (part 2)

An Original Crapper Bathtub Gin Anyone?  My take on Seattle as a city, I will admit I am not a city girl. Whenever I am in a city I feel a little bit of my soul is being sucked away. I don't like the condensed population, the incessant hum of activity, nor the fragrant mix of cigarette, exhaust and restaurant trash. Seattle, like all cities, has a homeless population, this population is allowed to congregate in the Pioneer Square area. I feel dirty seeing this destitution and it makes me sad. Nonetheless, city living seems so meaningless to me... Everyone working for someone else, needing a higher income because of the cost of living, food, clothing, keeping up with the cubicle next door. As far as cities go, Seattle is quite lovely, beautiful skyline, but I will take 14,000 ft overlooks over 500 ft concrete anyway.  Underground Tours : This is a must! We took the Bill Speidel Undergroud, there are other underground vendors, however, our tour company was the first in the a