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Hip Opener/Chest Challenge Flow: Utthita Parsvakonasana

It is important to start this series with hips that are warmed-up. My favorite hip warm-up: start in Cat/Cow, extend one leg out and to the side. From the same side, thread the needle three times. Repeat other side. Hip-Opener Challenge: (2 blocks recommended) Note: there are 3 parts to this series. Part one is Utkatasana series, Part Two is Utthita Parsvakonasna series, and Part Three is Padangusthasana series. Part 1: DD, exhale step feet to between hands, Uttansana, inhale, half-lift, exhale, fold, inhale, Utkatasana, place one block between knees exhale, Revolved Utkatasana, remain for a few breaths repeat second side exhale, fold forward, inhale, half-lift, exhale, chatarunga vinyasa flow DD, Part 2: inhale, right leg lifts exhale, sweep to right elbow, hold in perched position, inhale, three-legged dog, repeat 2x times, last time step to runner's lunge (foot is outside both hands, wide hip angle) locate block, place to inside