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Ganesh Mantra Yoga Mandala, Asana Vinyasa Series, Remover of Obstacles

I would say this is one of my most technically advanced series. Feel free to email with questions.  Start and end class with a recital of the Ganesh Mantra. (Suggested 9x) Vinyasa Series: - you will want a block at the front and another at back of the mat. Down-dog to Utkatasana Inhale: Utkatasana (hands above head) Exhale: Hands to heart Inhale: Lengthen Spine with hands at prayer in Utkatasana Exhale: Step back with left foot into Crescent Lunge Inhale: Arms above head Exhale: Vira II Inhale: Launch forward into Ardha Chandrasana (use block as needed)  Full Breath Cycle Exhale: left hand comes to mat, squared hips for Toppling Tree Inhale & Exhale: revolve toppling tree to the left 90º, at same time rotate right foot  with body Inhale: Standing Splits Full Breath Cycle Exhale: wrap left foot behind and sit down into Ardha Matsyendrasana Give this pose some breathing love. Inhale: Rise (challenge to come up