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Spring Break!?! More like Bring-it Break

Future Masterbath Countertop - yes - Go Buffs !  We really can't complain about our working spring break, considering that only a few weekends before we had a 3-day break at the Broadmoor. So, I will temper my weary wining and callous complaints; and by callous, I mean literal callouses on my hands. Oops! Couldn't find the floor tile before purchase of paint. Went too dark with the gray kid's bath wall had to re-paint the entire room. Lost another 1/2 day. From my drive over the Continental Divide, I arrived to a cleaned-up work site with giddy contractors. They were excited to see my response to all that has been accomplished. It's good to have power. The work crew consists of my husband, a good ol' friend who is both giving and gifted and a very petite day-laborer, who normally works local kitchens during the high season in Ouray. We are so thankful to have Dave and Emilio, and Emilio's wife who also washes my guy's laundry and makes some pretty incredible