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Lightness of Being - Free to be You and Me

  Yoga Offerings All my offerings are Donation  Appreciated ~Free to be you and me.  ~ No Memberships ~No "with Donation" expectation Saturdays at Felllin Park (Ouray Hot Springs Pool), 9am weather  dependent, BYO mat, sun protection, layers, water, props check social media and/or sign-up for email  announcements Coming This Fall Sundays - Flow Yoga - 4pm Thursdays - Mat Pilates - 5pm at Studio, 408 Main St.  Always open to having area/traveling instructors work with me for studio/shared space.  Please contact me at

Panama City, Panama -- Part 2. Yo, Ho, Natividad

The City, and the entire country, is one of the cleanest I have encountered in Latin America. Panama City is actually the only “First World” city south of the border. It has drinkable tap water throughout most of the country, and functioning water-treatment plants (something that Ouray is suffering for). Panama also provides public education, free health care, and I saw less homeless and litter than in L.A., or even Denver — all made possible by the capitalism of the Panama Canal. The Canal is an imperative supply chain between China, East/West US, and Europe. The Canal is so vitally important, the Chinese considered digging their own canal in a more authoritarian-friendly nation - but it proved too expensive. Which is substantive when you consider the passage fee is $1M per cargo ship. We hired a private tour of Panama through Viator . It was excellent. We walked through the Colonial old town, with many buildings still in use by the government, and many cathedrals. Two interesting t

Playa Venao, Panama Part 1

 This will not be my normal blog with all sorts of crazy activities to brag about. No, we did not scuba, or zipline, or helicopter over the city of Panama (although we thought about it). This vacation was probably the most quintessential beach cabana retreat most one-percenters luxuriously imbibe. (But you can do all that adventure stuff, plus a monkey island and sloth reserves.)  But first, per usual, the adventure begins way ahead of our arrival. It took us seventeen-and-a-half hours to get there — if you do not include food, gas, overnight with mom, and pee stoppage time.  Casa Azul Actually, it took the whole pandemic to get there. Our trip to Panama was originally schedule for Spring Break 2020 — when the World shut-down. Our booked vacation rental (thankfully) offered us a full refund, but Copa airlines only offered us a voucher. So, we waited. We watched our children stay-at-home, we watched the Distillery close-down. And then extended due to executive orders by Polis, a