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Lima: Food, Museums and Erotic Vessels, Peru - 8

Our original plans had us flying into Lima and sitting at the airport for a late night flight home, but when our flight arriving to Peru was so incredibly delayed, the airlines bumped us for free to have an additional day in Lima. We arrived late afternoon and the tourist company planned for us a have dinner and a private tour of Museo Larco . This is one of the largest privately owned museum of Peruvian artifacts from 5000 BCE to the Incan era. Mostly, we were educated on the intricacies of potteries by pre-columbian people. The differences in the details across the art are too convoluted to be described; however, the collection is immense. There are two tapestry remnants that are in the Guinness World Book for weaving details and size. The tightest count by inch was made 1000s of years ago and from Vacuña wool and has a surprising amount of vibrant colors.They might as well have been weaving human hair.  The most intriguing display was not even a display but a video of the potter

Titicaca is not a Spanish word. Peru - 7

We traveled to Puno to experience the lesser toured area of Lake Titicaca. The Incan Empire did, at one time, conquer and command this area; however, they were less influential, as well the Spanish had limited influence. To this day, several other tribes still live by a more traditional heritage.   The people of the area still follow some of the old religion; what the Christians would call the lore of Titicaca:  In the language of the Aymara, the name Titi-caca means either “Grey Puma” or “Stone Puma”. Some say it refers to the sacred Rock of the Puma on the Isla del Sol, the island of the Sun, legendary birthplace of the Incas.... Viracocha, the God Creator, the Maker of the World, the Designer of Life and Mover of Earth, created a man and a woman in the depths of the Sea of Stone Puma....He told Mama Killarney, the moon, and Tata Inti, the Sun, to rise into the heavens, and he sent man and woman out into the world, along the rivers and streams and canals, to find a place

Ear Infections and 12,556' - The Dark side of Peru - 6

 A week into our trip we gathered our luggage and packed-out for Puno. This area is the home of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, large enough to fit the island of Bermuda inside of it (my upcoming blog location), it sits at 12,556’ and it is an area of alpine agriculture with year-round mild temperatures, possible because it sits at 16•S latitude from the equator. (Ouray is at 38•N). This area is on the most southern border of Peru, in fact 40% of the waters are in Bolivia.  Estadio Garcilaso,  Cusco Soccer Stadium But before I delve into the qualities of Puno, I had a very sick son. He had been dealing with a head cold for all of the aforementioned travels. I had packed various medications, but I had run-out of Sudafed.  Here was my concern, my son woke-up complaining about an earache on the very day we were to fly. If you have never flown with an ear infection or witnessed the agony of a ruptured ear me, it is not