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Beltane: When Pagan Children Come Out to Play

  Beltane: When Pagan Children Come Out to Play by MSWood Beltane is on the first day of May Between the equinox height, and summers longest light This is when pagan children come out to play.  The Wheel of the Year is the witches way,  Sabbat festivals mark the seasons yearly flight, Ribbons wrap poles, bonfires alight on the first day of May.  On the days of Yule and Easter all the Christian’s pray,  on All Hallows Eve, trickers and treaters deceive into the frightful night, This is when costumed children run astray. The topsy-turvy Southern Hemisphere flip the book of days golden leaves and harvest wheats reflect our mother’s might. In the land of kookaburras, kangas and koalas, autumn kites are flown above the bay in the month of May.  Thrusting out of the frozen Northern clay daffodils and pansy petals display frilly bright pinks, yellows and whites.  This is where pagan children rollick and play. Spring Forth! The sun does grow. Twirl, whirl and sway,  a caterpillar’s grand soire