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Asana for Autumn Transition Doshas - Vinyasa Mandala

As we transition from the sunshine of summer to the gold tones of fall, our dosha's go into a state of confusion. Grounding our dosha's whether you are vata, pitta, or kapha is beneficial for emotional balance. The following mandala vinyasa should accommodate a grounding and warming for our senses. Down Dog Step together at front of mat Inhale Half Lift Exhale forward fold Inhale Utkatasana (Chair Pose) Exhale Step Left foot back to Crescent Lunge (hands at heart) Inhale, arms above head Exhale, interlace fingers behind head or cactus arms Inhale Warrior 1 Exhale Fold forward to Runner's Lunge Rotate 1/4 turn to a Crouching Warrior to front of mat Take Crouching Warrior to back of mat repeat two more times, ending at back of mat 1/4 turn to face back of the room in low lunge inhale rise to crescent lunge exhale warrior two inhale reverse warrior exhale windmill down chataranga Down Dog Repeat Same Side: Stepping back with the Left Leg. After you com