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Vata Grounding, Pitta firing Imbolc Vinyasa Series

After proper warm-up Toe-touch progressions with blanket and block. Crescent Moons Progression: bird of paradise and Goddess From tadasana- step back into lunge  Lunge (or W1) (start with left step) W2 Ex side angle- with block Parsarita- with block, supported  -roll to Goddess W2 Tadasana Chair Pose 2nd Progression:  Tadasana Lunge, air plane arms W2 Ex side angle- spread wings/bind Parsarita- side to side  Goddess- lotus hands at heart - flow arms W2  Tadasana  Chair Progression 3 Tadasana Lunge  Humble warrior W2 Ex side angle- revolve  Parsarita -Bhrama's Breath Flow W2 Tadasana  Chair Teach chatauranga- (beg options)  Progression 4 DD Low lunge W2 Ex side angle Parsarita Goddess W2 to BACK of room Reverse Warrior Chatauranga vinyasa Repeat right Then left and left  To compete mandala  Take to wall W3 with fingers touching wall Birds of Paradise Half Pidgeon  Fire Log Flower/Lotus  Restorative sequence  Shavasana 

"Meditation Script Imbolc, Invocation to Spring"©

Find yourself in a comfortable seated position however this may be defined by you.  (Candles should be lit).   Come together now at this time of cross-quarter days, the time evenly spaced between the Winter Solistic and the Spring Equinox. Imbolic. (Ee-molc).  At this time, we celebrate the passing of winter and the rebirth of spring. It is also a day of celebrating St. Brigid. Brigid is the Goddess of Poetic and Healing arts, Smithycraft, and Midwifery. It is steeped in the invocation of birth, flowering of spring, rejuvenation of life from the dormancy of winter. A time when fires and lovers are stoked into forging creation. It is a time to purify yourself from the shackles of past mistakes and forgive yourself of things long dead; like fall leaves, nourishing under the snow, now you teem with life, now you embark on the rest of your journey. Prepare yourself to bud into a luscious tree of life.  Gaze into the candle flame, then close your eyes, behind your lids, see the refl