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Vispassana Mediation: Insight to see things as they really are...

Sit comfortably straight and let’s join together for three breaths. Practice: Square Breath Now, close your eyes and think thoughts of good will. Thoughts of good will go first to yourself, because if you can't think of good will for yourself, if you can't feel a sincere desire for your own happiness, there's no way you can truly wish for the happiness of others. •Tell yourself: "May I find true happiness." Repeat • Tell yourself: "True happiness is something that comes from within, so this is not a selfish desire." Repeat Now you shall develop resources for happiness within you, so that you may radiate it out to other people. Happiness doesn't depend on taking anything away from anyone else. Now turn your positivity to people who are close to your heart, your family, your loved ones, your very close friends: •Tell yourself: “May they find true happiness” Repeat Then spread those thoughts out in ever widening circles: peo

Mother Earth Meditation for Easter (Ostara) Vernal Equinox

Pranayama: Robin’s Breath, 8 rounds Find yourself in a comfortable position, begin your journey inward, and draw your shoulders down and away. Lengthen your spine and observe a path in front of you. Ahead of you is a robin perching on an Aspen branch.  You follow the robin into a stand of trees.  You are walking into a dense forest. The sky is overcast and the woods are gloomy. You wish to change your surroundings, and the robin pulls you gently further into your travels, deeper into yourself. Rays of sunlight begin to break through the dense cloud cover. You feel the grey oppression lifting as the sun begins to warm patches of your skin. Above you, in the tree, you see another robin sitting in a nest. A ray of light is warming her and her blue speckled eggs. The branches of the trees are bare, the land is nearing the end of its wintertime slumber, and it is just before the dawn of springtime. The trees themselves are waking from their slumber; on every branch there a

Candle Light Meditation Script

Start with: Nadi Shodhan Pranayama – 8 rounds Script:  As you sit peacefully, begin to form an image of meditation in your mind. Imagine that you are in a safe, comfortable room. The room is pleasantly dark. Candles warm the room. Feel simple awareness, nothing else. As distracting thoughts arise temper your desire to “hook” into them. Instead gently direct your focus back to a candle flame and follow your breath. Picture the wholeness of the candle and see the soft light it creates. Imagine the glow. Notice the warmth from the candle of your imagination. Notice the gentle flickers of warm light. See the dancing light from the candle. Notice the soft flame at the top of the candle. See how it flickers slightly. Bring attention to your breath. Exhale through your nose slowly, so slowly that the flame of the candle would not flicker if held near to your nostrils. Imagine how the flame responds each time you breath. Feel yourself relaxing as you watch the beau