Lotus Petals of Life - Ode to Memoirs of a Geisha (Novel)

The Lotus petals drifted to the earth. Drifting however the wind currents decided to carry the aged,
velvet blooms. The geisha was past her blossom, her bound feet mutilated beyond desire. Her barrier long broken, her youth long sapped away. Her protector long buried under The Wars rubble.

Now she twisted the orphaned girls into the same torturous ancient art. Sculpted like child's clay. Modeled into perfect dolls. White skin, red lips, twisted hair.

Shuffle, Shuffle, as if the tiny, mistreated feet could do anything more.

Be the ideal beauty, a man will pay well for your maidenhood. Stir the miso, light the cigarette with delicate fingers, wipe the mouth with the pressure of a mouse. Pleasure the man so he will take care of you.

And someday, you will be the matron, the sunset, the wisdom of the seasons.

Winter song, fuzzy bud, cherry blossoms, fruit to bare, colored autumn, fallen leaf.

Life of your choosing?

The writing prompt: once a vibrant dish used to catch bobby-pins and discarded pennies.