Some things are best not said in a yoga class...

I recently attended a Corepower Yoga class in Austin, TX (Monarch) and I was a bit taken back by something she said in class.

She called out: "Warrior II, interlace fingers behind back and take it into a humble warrior. Well, this isn't a real pose but it was requested so there you have it."

Then when calling the other side she had a name for it: "Ostrich pose."

Which, by the way, is what Westerner's call this pose. But my issue is more with saying "it's not a real pose" AND calling someone out on it.

Not to get all esoteric, but every position is a pose, every movement is a continuous connection of mudras, this should not be judged as to how real or not the pose is. It's important that instructors understand this.

Names and labels help yogi's practice together which, in it's own beautiful way, creates a single meter to a class of collective souls. Preparing the class to feel unified energetically for a stronger channel into meditation time. (Also why you should not short-change savasana time.)

But,  I think when she took an "it's not my fault" tone. It translated to the participants that she was not confident and that we (the class) were not doing "real" yoga. 

Well, I thought I just paid for you to teach me REAL yoga. 

Another time, I attended a class (also at Corepower) and he said "Let the fragrance of matyasana carry you into savasana. Translation: Let the smell of fish pose make you a corpse.

Nice! LOL!