T-30 days and counting!

Repurposed sink going into modified school desk,
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Well, I have had a wonderful response to people enjoying my blog. I usually update when I visit, but things are getting down to the wire, so I probably won't go down again until I move, so I thought I'd share some of the progress via John' experience. And for those asking me why? My simple answer is:  Lifestyle.

We purchased the house in October 2014 and yet the reno goes on...
Family Room, just loving the wood tones. 

Cleaned up kitchen with countertops in! Waiting for backsplash
Yes, it's an old home, historic even, but the bigger portion of the pie went into renovating the 1970's updates and not the bones of the 1880's home. Our biggest complaint is most of the labor force is overpriced for skill set and/or they don't deliver on service. It is our experience that we are getting charged Boulder prices for labor; which is okay for Boulder because there is a good chance the person coming into your home may have a higher degree than you do. Most are coming from Montrose and they work on Ol'-timey Mountain pace. I blame it between a lack of a big University and highfalutin Telluride.  Okay, Telluride has money, so are we to be taken advantage of? Ouray families do not have a Telluride budget but we live just as remote.

Living room painted a beautiful shade of blue
Goodbye Oscar the Grouch green walls! 
I heard a statistic that 5000 new families are moving into the Front Range every month. I don't know how true that is, but if that is the case, the Western Slope is in for a wake-up call, and those that don't understand service are going to wonder why their landline isn't ringing. I foresee that Colorado, in general, will keep growing and Front Range pressure will be relieved by the Western Slope. People who get it will leave the locals behind tangled in their thermal fax paper.

Repurposed Church Door, came out of San Fransisco
Now it's a barn door for Dining Room 
Notwithstanding, we are in the home stretch! Our god-send, Dave, had to pack it up and get home to his wife. He wanted and hoped it'd be done by his last day, but the electricians really under-performed and dragged it out. We couldn't test the water supply until after the electric inspection. So we lost our Right Hand and Master Plumber right before all the H2O testing was to begin. So, my poor guy is working it alone and really needs a second-in-command. Unfortunately, we lost the pantry ceiling due to a leak from the tub and the water shut-off main in the basement and Pop's on the third floor. Thankfully, it is a slate-tile floor!

Dining Room, Barn Door.
Love the Brown wainscot with Birch walls! 
Suffice it to say, it won't be completed by the time we move down. John is needed at home to pack-up and, honestly, I am tired of living up here without my best friend. I am okay with moving in and working on finishing it up, just so long as there is electricity and plumbing, ya'know, the little things. I have said quite often that there is a literal and figural mountain that we must get over and now we are on the steepest climb.

Laundry Room, yes 2 laundry centers and a chute!