Mabon, Autumnal Equinox, a meditation script for Fall Sabbat

In this season of gathering, when daylight gives way to the dark, when the veils of rebirth gives way to the ceremony of passage, now is the time to reflect and protect the inner spirit.

Draw your awareness inward and quiet your mind. Turn your attention to the changing leaves and the resting of seeds. In your mind’s eye, visualize the transition of the season’s illuminessence. Sense the fall coolness, the morning frost on golden leaves. Now is the time of rest, a retreat from the sun’s energy, a dance into stillness.

Embrace the breath cycle, in and out, like the old-growth fronds now drifting to Mother Earth; the rise and fall of the tumbling leaves subject to Gaia's inspiration and expiration, let the seasonal shift embrace your body. Sense the deep mysteries within you, fall into your conscious engagement, leave behind the heat of summer. Reflect. Every new cycle begins from the seeds buried under the compost of summer’s bounty.

In this new stage of the lifecycle, search for a new stage to awaken within you. Trust in the wheel of Dharma, karma will provide you the guidance you need on your soul’s inward journey.

From the blossom of the summer’s flower grow the fruit and seeds for winter’s harvest. Like the energetic potential of the tiniest acorn, this is the time to explore your greatest potential. Foster energetically rich humus inside your mind for future growth, for creativity and for art. Fear not, resist not, take another practiced breath and know that today and everyday you can and will foster confidence and the roots for new growth. Set an intention to fully harvest your path, a journey that is right for you, at this moment. Once embraced, like the last trickles of a stream before the winter’s freeze, let your false expectations flow away.

Our bodies naturally wish a travel the path of hibernation, enjoy the bounties of autumn and like a frenzied bear filling for winter’s slumber, we too, experience profound hunger. Let that hunger be satiated by becoming more, and seek lost morsels of authenticity and humanity. Take yourself inward towards your deepest psyche, to a portal that opens into the mysteries of your mind. As you make your way through your portal, feel your feet solid on the loamy earth, see your breath, chilled by the air, and center your awareness within the warmth of your heart. Leave behind on the trail of summer any preconceived ideas or expectations you may have wished to achieve. Travel now beyond the limits of the well warn line and into your realm of what is possible.
Within your otherworld, find comfort in the protection of your seed’s shell, a sheath of gratitude. This protection comes from service to you by others, those that have both given to you in friendship and the lessons given to you by the ill begotten. It is in your mind’s protection that you are immersed in your highest potential. Bathe in your greater manifestation.

To find you fullest expression, stay with your hunger; discovery is futile if you are full of your past. Promise yourself, despite winter’s respite, that you will foster your seed, nourish your seed and save for nothing; you will unveil to yourself everything you bury in your hidden world. You will take this season and harvest your inner-self.  Worry not. You are the squirrel that buries his winter shares, trusting that you will find all that you need when you need it.

Like the squirrel, you must settle into your den, wrapping yourself with your tail to stay warm. Nesting during the coldest nights. This is a time to settle, a time to avoid rush, a time to consider commitments. The mysteries-of-you need time to cultivate in your psyche.

Returned to the sunlit realm of autumn’s glow. Feel a balance of energy between dark and light. Let yourself register the balance between your inner seed and your present world. Honor the beauty in your life and reach out to share your appreciation and gratitude.

Like the ripe grapes of time, drink in your experience. Let your inner world connect to your outer world. Anchor yourself to the stout evergreen, stoic in the face of winter’s white blanket.

Know that your autumnal travels can be the beginning of a brave new adventure, a future sapling of regeneration and redefinition of the true you.