Utkatasana to Cresent lunge series


exhale step both feet between hands

inhale half lift

exhale fold

inhale Utkatasana

exhale airplane arms

inhale arms above head, transition weight into right foot

exhale step left foot back to crescent lunge

inhale commit to crescent lunge

exhale airplane arms

inhale arms above head

exhale twist to right

inhale crescent

exhale step together, hands at prayer makes this easier

inhale utkatasana

exhale fold

inhale half lift

exhale vinyasa chataranga to DD, repeat other side

cueing thoughts:
I suggest cueing a curve in low back during utkatasana, (aka slight tail-bone tuck with toned inner thighs, tush squeeze and engaged pelvic floor) otherwise the back extensors begin doing the work for the quads and glutes. During twisted/revolved crescent cue engaging the glutes, and have the extended leg (the leg that is back) femur pulled into it's socket (i.e. level hip shift) to create strong low back support (another good spot of pelvic tone cue, too). This will encourage the twist to occur above the sacrum in the lumber region instead of around the sacrum through the hips.