Virabadrasana One with Twists and Side Crow

I have decided to start sharing my vinyasa flow. Two reasons, it's nice to share and will be a reference for future ideas. I am going to record them as soon as possible, so as not to forget, so I won't always have the Sanskrit name. If you have questions, just ask.

 Downdog (DD)

Inhale right leg up,

Sweep through to low lunge,

Inhale, Rise up to virabadrasana 1,

Exhale, interlace hands behind your back,

 Inhale lift your heart,

Exhale humble warrior,

Inhale vira 1,

Exhale twist torso to right (arms to T and stretched to front and back of room, still in Vira 1 lunge)

Inhale hands to prayer (still in twisted Vira 1)

Exhale revolved vira 1 (left elbow to right knee)

Inhale gaze down to right toes

Exhale step left foot next to right (revolved utkatasana)

Inhale squared to utkatasana

Exhale fold forward

Inhale half lift Vinyasa chataranga

Repeat left side.

Ok, so repeat a second time and perhaps a third time.

Add this to your third set for advanced class:

Between 2nd and 3rd set go from DD to Frog (aka Garland or Malasana) to Crow (aka Crane, Bakasana)

Release and meet in DD,

Now repeat the flow from the beginning, when you get to Revolved Vira 1, go into Side Crow on right and when you repeat flow for the left side, add Side Crow on the left.

 Let me know what you think! Om shanti, shanti