Divine Intervention?

Day Four: Waikoloa Beach and Holoholokai beach
Laupuhoehoe Point
I have to admit, I regret having to abort two days worth of camping. I honestly was having fun. That being said, I did notice KJ and I being a bit more testy with each other and our kids. Considering the fact that we called at 7pm and got a 2 Bedroom Suite at a Hilton Grand Vacation Club at Waikoloa Beach the night before the Lavaman Triathlon, when walk-ups were being turned away, speaks highly of the Adjustment Bureau.

Lava Tube
There were some major Pros and Cons. The hotel row along this shore line fills me with the same disfavor as that of Disneyland/world. The abject fallaciousness and utter environment-waste liberally administered for the sake of "entertainment" is nauseating. That is not to say that I don't enjoy the luxury. But I still don't understand why you would fly thousands of miles to hit a little white ball into a tiny hole. To the resorts credit: you have to pay $12.95 for a Pina Colda or Mai Tai and "get keep the plastic glass for refills", then it's only $9 a drink, but you are reusing the glass. (Side note: didn't I pay a cover charge in the form of a hotel room already? Throw the glass in for free - bungheads!) Also, our location was 3/4 mile from the actual beach but they do have a shuttle that runs hourly. Waste!
Pololu Black Sand Beach

Cliffs of Pololu
A pro: we actually found some nature amongst these modern day Shrines to Golf. Part of the Malama Petroglyph Trail can be found bisecting this area. This is a field of volcanic rock that was the natives highway system around the island. The exact significance of the petroglyphs are unknown but they are everywhere and worth the stop and look. But wear something other than flip-flops and plan the walk NOT during the heat of the day. Both of which we learned the hard way.

Pololu Black Sand
We spent the morning teaching the kids how to snorkel at Waikoloa Beach. Knowing me, I figured, KJ would have to teach the kids, because I am not the most patient person (I know... Big Surprise!) But, we forgot the SPF and KJ ran out to make a purchase. The kids couldn't wait so off we went. And guess what, I was a good teacher! I must give a nod to my mom here - she taught me how to ski and how to snorkel and I see myself in her role at these moments and she was wonderful! I also remember my struggles; flippers catching sands and twisting knees, gagging inhales of salt water flushing up the sinuses, and how cool it is when you finally get it and can actually see fish under water. The only problem was, due to the Triathlon, visibility was shitty and Etrain lost his purge-valve 5 minutes in.
Pololu Beach

Deciding the kids would enjoy the hotel pool with mini-waterside over the drone of the Lavaman announcer we trekked back and imbibed in the carnal pleasures of poolside sunbathing.

Decent Pololu Beach
Onomea Bay Jetty
Upon our return to our condo, KJ decided that he was not satisfied and wanted to do some spear fishing. I told him go right ahead and enjoy. KJ loaded-up a drove to Holoholokai Beach Park. Apparently, had we driven one mile more in our search for better camping we would have found this little patch of what-we-wanted. Ah well, the kids fell asleep during KJ's absence and stayed asleep for 12 hours. I seriously think God decided we needed the rest.