The End of a Blissful Vacation. Mahalo!

Pe'e Pe'e Falls
 Day 11: Volcano to Hilo to Denver

If I still have your attention: Aloha! (Hello, Goodbye, with Love) The end of our vacation was a day of packing, checking and a few last bits of touring. We rose at 6am on April 9 and arrived at home 6pm (Hawaii time) on April 10th. It's a long trek back. But I won't bore you with the flight details.

Rainbow Falls
The flight out of Hilo was not until 9pm (PST), so we view the last few things we felt were landmarks of the Big Island. Waterfalls! The morning started with heavy rains, which was evident with the rapid and brown torrents rushing over Rainbow and Pe'e Pe'e Falls (pronounced Pe'eh-Pe'eh). These are 200' drop waterfalls located behind neighborhoods and the hospital in Hilo. Literally, minutes from downtown. To kill a bit more time, we also toured the Lyman Historical and Geological museum; which has the rarest (and only) mineral in the world Orlymanite and some glow-in-the-dark rocks, the kids thought were really cool. The rest of the museum rounded-out all the Island history we picked-up along the way in a nice summary. It was a perfect ending to a wonderful trip.

Do I still have your attention?

I am so thankful that I have a husband with crazy, wacky ideas. I am also thankful, I have a little hippie-bliss spirit to give them a conservative try. Yes, you can see most of what we saw from the traditional tourist mode. But, when you get away from the beaches and lounge chairs, restaurants and golf courses, you really get dirty (metaphorically and literally). You learn as much about other humans as you do about yourself. Spend 10 days traveling non-traditionally and you gather a years worth of education. Mahalo!