Candle Light Meditation Script

Start with: Nadi Shodhan Pranayama – 8 rounds

As you sit peacefully, begin to form an image of meditation in your mind. Imagine that you are in a safe, comfortable room. The room is pleasantly dark. Candles warm the room.
Feel simple awareness, nothing else. As distracting thoughts arise temper your desire to “hook” into them. Instead gently direct your focus back to a candle flame and follow your breath.

Picture the wholeness of the candle and see the soft light it creates.
Imagine the glow. Notice the warmth from the candle of your imagination. Notice the gentle flickers of warm light. See the dancing light from the candle.
Notice the soft flame at the top of the candle. See how it flickers slightly. Bring attention to your breath. Exhale through your nose slowly, so slowly that the flame of the candle would not flicker if held near to your nostrils. Imagine how the flame responds each time you breath.
Feel yourself relaxing as you watch the beautiful patterns made by the flickering light of the candle.
Notice the flame gently moving as the candle burns.

Imagine that the candle gently melts away the stresses and tension you have been holding in your body. As the candle burns, feel the tension easing, and relaxation flowing through your body.
Notice the wax becoming softer. Feel your body also becoming softer.
The softening wax is melting, turning to liquid. Warm and flowing.... free from tension.....
See the wax of the candle melting, it is melting the way your tension is melting from your body.
As the melted wax builds within the edges of it’s sides, see it slowly overflow, and pour down the side of the candle, drop by drop.
It feels like any stresses you were holding on to are dripping away with each drop of wax from the candle. The soft flame of relaxation warms you from the inside, melting away all stress.
Watch the wax melting.... feeling the same effects on the tension in your body. Melting.... relaxing.
With each pool of melted wax, say to yourself “I wish to release,” with each drop of wax down your candle, say to yourself, “any negative cosmic energies.”
Again: “I wish to release…any negative cosmic energies.”  Continue with each inhale “I wish to release” and with each exhale, “any negative cosmic energies.” Again: “I wish to release…any negative cosmic energies.” Repeat…

Take note of spots where there is tension, and smooth and calm your muscles with your imagination until they become peaceful, as if they have been coated by cooling wax. Follow your breath as you follow the contours of the melted wax. Continue to observe the melting candle, enjoying the relaxation you are experiencing.
(Repeat each of the following phrases three times)
This candle represents elimination of the darkness of ignorance, fear and hatred.
This candle represents  the dawning of the  light of understanding, empathy and compassion.
This candle represents the clarity born of patience and wisdom that dispel frustration, anger and suffering.
This candle represents the light of awakened consciousness.
This candle represents peace and serenity that radiates into the world.
This candle is a beacon of kindness and hospitality that draws others ever closer.
Mantra 36 times and then silence shall follow for several moments. Om Namah Shivaya: I honor the Light that resides within me.  Om, Shanti, Shanti: The sound of the Universe calls for Peace. 
Slowly bring your awareness back to the present. Become more aware of the time and place you are in today. Slowly stretch your muscles.... and open your eyes... enjoying the feeling of calm and peace that remains with you. Invitation to repeat OM 3 times. Silence and then closing. 


  1. Really!!! The candles provide the relaxation on mind and positive energy to the body so it can be say that Candles for meditation of the body....
    Thanks for sharing....!!!

    1. Thank you, I am so glad you find this meditation useful. Namaste.


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