Mother Earth Meditation for Easter (Ostara) Vernal Equinox

Pranayama: Robin’s Breath, 8 rounds
Find yourself in a comfortable position, begin your journey inward, and draw your shoulders down and away. Lengthen your spine and observe a path in front of you.
Ahead of you is a robin perching on an Aspen branch.  You follow the robin into a stand of trees.  You are walking into a dense forest. The sky is overcast and the woods are gloomy. You wish to change your surroundings, and the robin pulls you gently further into your travels, deeper into yourself. Rays of sunlight begin to break through the dense cloud cover. You feel the grey oppression lifting as the sun begins to warm patches of your skin. Above you, in the tree, you see another robin sitting in a nest. A ray of light is warming her and her blue speckled eggs.
The branches of the trees are bare, the land is nearing the end of its wintertime slumber, and it is just before the dawn of springtime. The trees themselves are waking from their slumber; on every branch there are opening shoots, nearly bursting with anticipation, at the tips appear soft, fuzzy buds.
Old leaves from last year’s fall scurry about your feet as an occasional gust of wind blows them about. You leave the pair of robins as they tend to their eggs. The wind occasionally lifting their feathers as they protect their eminent brood.
As you near the edge of the grove a meadow appears in front of you. The ground is mostly bare, with occasional patches of snow. Hints of new green life tantalize your senses. You approach a rolling hillside. The sky is turning to blue; you begin to hear more birds in the trees. Rays of light shimmer onto the land. Intermixed in the receding snow are yellow daffodils and purple crocuses. They bow their heads to the gentle breeze.
In the nearby meadow are sheep grazing, lambs leaping in play, their white fleece contrasting with the greyer coats of their mothers. As you watch, a hare scampers across your feet. Your gaze follows the rabbit. The rabbit pauses in front of a small building, a temple, it sits on its hunches and paws at its muzzle, it seems he is almost waving you to follow. He scampers inside.
Your feet travel across the dew-wet sprigs of grass and you find yourself entering your temple. There is a lovely feminine spirit holding a golden basket. She gestures you forward. You notice the soft, brown hare nuzzling the hem of her skirt. She lifts a cloth to reveal eggs painted of all different colors. You reach for one and hold it in your hands. Mother Earth’s hands cup under yours and together you support your egg. Observe it’s color, it’s texture and it’s shape.  
***harmony bowl*** (repeat the following three times)
This egg represents the Whole of the Universe
This egg is the symbol of Potential Creation and Renewal of Life.
This egg cannot exist without cherishing the intelligence of life before it.
As you observe your egg, the shell becomes transparent, faint swirls of blue and white and brown drift like waves. You recognize the endless swirling as our planet Earth and it is nestled into you hand and yours nestled into Mother Earth’s.
You contemplate the beauty, the sea, the land, the clouds, the plants and the creatures.  You renew your faithfulness, you renew your stewardship of our planet. Mother Earth removes her hands, she gentle wraps your fingers around your ward.  She trusts you.
She leaves the temple and as she travels across the meadow, the land awakens with

each of her footfalls. New grasses flourish, she radiates vitality, the sun is shining and warms your face, you radiate vitality. Mother Earth transcends like a wave of heat blurring into nature. The land is lush and green. Flowers: pink and white and yellow begin to bloom. Drink in the delights of nature.  You sit and observe in silence.
***Harmony Bowl***
Bring your attention and your awareness into your heart. Take a few moments and note your experience, your personal growth, and your rebirth. When you are ready lift yourself from meditation.
Optional Mantra:
Om Bhuur-Bhuvah Svah
Bhargo Devasya Dhiimahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah Pracodayaat
The divine mother, purifier of our world, awakens our spiritual wisdom.