"Meditation Script Imbolc, Invocation to Spring"©

Find yourself in a comfortable seated position however this may be defined by you. 
(Candles should be lit). 

Come together now at this time of cross-quarter days, the time evenly spaced between the Winter Solistic and the Spring Equinox. Imbolic. (Ee-molc). 

At this time, we celebrate the passing of winter and the rebirth of spring.
It is also a day of celebrating St. Brigid. Brigid is the Goddess of Poetic and Healing arts, Smithycraft, and Midwifery. It is steeped in the invocation of birth, flowering of spring, rejuvenation of life from the dormancy of winter. A time when fires and lovers are stoked into forging creation. It is a time to purify yourself from the shackles of past mistakes and forgive yourself of things long dead; like fall leaves, nourishing under the snow, now you teem with life, now you embark on the rest of your journey. Prepare yourself to bud into a luscious tree of life. 

Gaze into the candle flame, then close your eyes, behind your lids, see the reflection of the flame. In history past, Brigid is a smithy, a crafter, she tirelessly works over an anvil forging from her mantle a shield of protection. Let this artistry fill you with confidence and creativity. In front of her glows the suffusion of amber light. She invites you to witness the Hum-Sah of life... I am that. 

~Unique Version of Rudi’s Tension Release~
~Place your hands down your sides, finger tips very near to the earth or touching. 
~Witness the breath and the atmosphere both externally and internally, without judgement. 
~Take a few centering breaths, listen to the Hum of the inhale and the Sah of the exhale. Invite the Hum and the Sah into your heart. Pause all mind-stories and follow your breath. 
~Inhale as if your a see the bud of your favorite flower. Relax with the exhale. 
~Inhale draw Prana, life-energy, light with the same delicate intention as a blossoming bud. Relax on the exhale. 

~Now, as you inhale, bring the prana up to your third eye center and allow the prana to wash down from the third eye past the throat (and perhaps a swallow will help open your passage) and allow the prana to expand in the heart.  
~As you continue to breath, imagine your prana as a airy waterfall of unpolluted light falling from your brow through the throat and pooling into the heart. 
~As the prana cascades, it breaks away the ice in your life, the hardness of your drama and your attachment to past transgressions, carving a space for new growth. Within this space in our heart place your seeds of positive cosmic growth.
~From the reservoir in our heart, the lambs-of-ice flow over and out the rivulets of our arms. Breakdown your glaciers and let all tensions flow out your fingertips and into Mother Earth. Goddess Brigid will receive your winter scree and alter it from negative psychic energies into positive cosmic fires. 
~Continue drawing in your positive prana light and repeat to yourself on the exhale “I consciously wish to surrender negative psychic tensions.” Continue until you feel free of loosened debris, refreshed, cleansed of your pollutions. 
~ Now let the seeds in your heart flourish from the nutrients stored in your spirit. 
~Imagine first the soft, fuzzy green of the sprouting bud as it stretches into your light. The bud of the flower is tightly wrapped. As you inhale (the hum) see your petals gently open, peeling away one from another, unfurl the virtues within. And as you exhale (the sah) expand your heart, blossom with open intentions, illuminate your heart. 

If distracting thoughts invade your moments, inhale, and imagine the supreme light drawing down from above, through the crown of your head, warming your flower, opening another petal. Exhale, imagine, from the tip of your petals, a small drop of dew, a single drop falls and recedes behind the flower, expanding into the universe. 

Refocus your meditation back to the Hum, back to the Sah. Back to the light and back to the expanse. Inhale, I am, Hum, Exhale, That, Sah, Hum, Sah, Dwell inside the flower of Your Heart, Sitting in the midst of your flora. I am That, I am the Universe, I am the Light, I am the Expanse. 

Contemplate your moments in life, like the wave of the ocean, cascading, building, and receding, like winter into spring; like a moment upon a mountain top, the fresh air singing in natural rhythm. These moments come to us by a rarefied veil between collective reality and sacred consciousness. 

At this time, we invoke the ancestral cry, the echo of generations, the breath of the mother, the mew of the lamb. Imagine, a field of snow, a steep path and the companionship of loved ones. Off in the distance, to the east, the sun rises and the snow glistens in orbs of fairy tales. Face the warmth, release the sleep of winter’s rest. Climb with the awareness of Mother Earth beneath your footing. Remake yourself; in a world of impatience, take the time to draw together the invigorating scents of spring, the essence of pine and wooded earth. Note that the snow on your path is melting, you leave behind the frosty air, the stories of the past.  Your shoulders warm to the transformation of your divine purpose. Fired and molded in the Blacksmith’s forge, the fire within Mother Earth, the fire within us all.  

How we change ourselves, changes the World. 

Benevolent Earth Mother
Upmost Perfection Mother Earth