Speed Hike Interval Training: SHIT™

What exactly is Speed Hike Interval Training? It is incline and intensity training that maximizes your fat-burning workout without the pounding of running or risk of crazy injury. Fundamentally, you find a Colorado trail with lots of hills and hike it as fast as you can. Or, basically, you hike the SHIT™ out of it.

No longer can the orange therapy, cross-fit, enduro-bike, half-, tri-, and marathon peoples claim they are the SHIT™, because the real SHIT™ happens without injury on the trails of Colorado!

Now, this SHIT™ is gonna be big and as soon as I can, I will schedule some SHITTIE locations. (Speed Hike Interval Train Touring Individual Events); however, first I must find some real SHITTERs (Speed Hike Interval Train Tour Event Resources).

The idea during these events is everyone will pile into small groups. We will snake through some interval hills ending the tour at a deep, blue lake.

People who cannot help themselves and must run down there legs shall be immediately flushed out of the tour. Additionally, anyone balling up at the end will be given an immediate injection of saline and epsom salts.

Do not worry; however, we will have very strong massage therapists, or as we like to refer to them as Bulging Masseuses (BM for short) along the trail to help anyone with cramps or those needing to unburden their pockets due to over zealous snack storage.

From start to finish, we'd like to see everyone travel in a smooth mass, all together until the end of the tour, where we can cannonball into the cool, crisp water and float freely. Just inhaling the earthly essence of our beautiful Colorado scenery.

~Note from Author~ Marcy tries to SHIT™ regularly, on her off days, she supplements with yoga to help take care of her SHIT™.

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