Virabhadrasana Padangusthasana Mandala Vinyasa

I'm back with a totally new flow!

Remember: to do a Mandala Vinyasa you must move from front of room to side to face back of room, then repeat with the SAME lead leg then reverse via the other leg as lead.

As always start is Down Dog

Inhale (r) leg lift,
Exhale sweep to low lounge,
Inhale rise to Vira 1,
Exhale hands interlace behind back,
Inhale lift your heart (still clasped)
Exhale Humble Warrior
Inhale Vira 1
Exhale launch into one-legged, standing balance with floating leg extended out front = modified/easy Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana with hands at Anjali Mudra
Inhale float back to Vira 2
Exhale Extended Side Angle
Inhale 5-pointed Star
Exhale Vira 2 towards the back of the room
Inhale Step together Tadasana hands over head
Exhale Cactus Arms/gentle backbend
Inhale Tadasana
Exhale fold forward Uttanasna
Inhale Half-Lift
Exhale Chattranga vinyasa flow to DD.
Repeat (r) leg to return to front of room
Repeat twice with (l)