Dhatu Agni Yoga Sequence

Dhatu Yoga Sequence

There are seven levels of Dhatu Agni: the healing fire of health. As we fire-up our Dhatu our body will produce a microchil of Ojas: Ahararasa. A sweet drop of protoplasmic honey-type substance found in the heart. When sattvic practices are introduce into our lives, the seven layers of our body take time to regenerate healthier tissue, layer upon layer. Each layer of Ahararasa requires 5 days of tissue rebirth. 7 layers and 5 days for a sum total of 35 days for each drop of precious Ojas. Think of it as a drop of essential oil mixing into the lubricating carrier oil of our body. A little goes a long way and with healthful practices we develop more and more Ojas. The spiritual fountain of youth. 

This practice should be done everyday for 35 days, as time goes by, you will notice the practice gets easier and easier and concurrently deeper and deeper as you transform over the 35 days. 

Level One: Rasa is our plasma, lymph, blood vessels and tendons. Bounces and Bear Twists. 
5 breaths and 5 bears each side. This is our nourishing layer.

Level two: Rakta is health of our RBC.  Here we open our heart, our vitality, our passion.  1 Sun Salutation is tip-toed back, instead of large leg steps, 2 more rounds of sun salutation, (with a lead leg each side). Cactus arms 

Level three: Mansa is muscle tissue. A protective, plastering fire layer. Vinyasa series, start with Utkatasana, 4 vinyasas. Right, Left, Right, Left in-between each add a lightening pose, finish with chair pose (all the same pose, different names). 5 breaths. 

Level four: Medha is adipose tissue.  A lubricative level for our bodies. Oil in fire. Arm balances. Options: make 5 real attempts at crow or hold crow for 5 breaths, or do one traditional bakasana and then 2 variations each side. Malasana a nice, beginner option, too. 

Level five: Asthi is the bone layer. Support, structure. Natarajasana Pose, hold for 5 breaths each side. Repeat if desired. 

Level Six: Majia takes us deep into our bone marrow and nerves. Garudasana pose, compression into the joints, deep hugs to self, open tadasana. Juicing the bone marrow. Resonance of the pose, listen to the trace memory of the pose. 

Level Seven: Shakra is the deepest layer, our reproductive health. The final, deepest layer to generate our Ojas. Ustrasana Pose to Shashankasana (Rabbit). 5 breaths or 5 times depending on time. Lie in Supta Baddha Konasana and self marma massage of the reproductive system, 5 times in circular motion from right to left. 

From here transition onto lying on our back. Gentle twists to balance the whole body and encourage the length of the subtle spine, the seat of our Doshas and the space for our chakras. 

7 steps to review the levels: 
1) pavanamuktasana (wind) pose, 
2) supine twist right, 
3) ananda balasana (happy baby), 
4) supine twist left, 
5) wide-legged hip flexor right 
6) & left and 
7) savasana