Yuletide Meditation - Winter Solstice

This meditation is best done seated near a lighted tree or in front of holiday lights. After sun-down and before sun-up.

Let the fairies dance upon the boughs, behold the magic within the needles. Each tiny orb is a memory, each light a window to the future. As yuletide is upon us - now find your presence. The sun is at it’s furthest from our realm and darkness lays across us like a patchwork quilt, sewn together with ribbons and traditions.  On this, our longest eve, invite our Lady of Light to grace us with her care, her grace and her maternal warmth. Gaze softly into the light of the fairy tree, let the embers glow, muted by your softened contemplation (drishti). Allow the aura of lights to be your key to your true identity; your key opens the door between your mind and your spirit. Upon entering, your space is void of attachment. What was a duality, a separation, is now a flow of consciousness, an ultimate awareness of I AM (so-ham).  As your gaze looks into the softness of light, look into the eyes of presence.

Mantra So-Ham, first aloud and then eventually into a silence within your conscious flow, 54 times

On this day of abbreviated light, when the overseer of darkness lays his blue translucent fingers of cold upon your body, this is a marked day, in time and space, when we shall travel from our outer material world and transcend into a space of expansive light; a higher mind set forth by the consciousness of Divinity, an all pervasive warming of generosity and gratitude.

Hither come into this space all forms of being.  Those of strong constitution, ones with agitated body, ones with disease, gaze upon your inner light to bring forth harmony, poise and peace through a receptive presence, find yourself as one with the energy flow of pure consciousness. In darkness of days, all manner of warring is going on within your being, break the shield wall of your mind with your vibration of harmony. 

Upon yuletide is the time to be triumphant despite the bleakness. This is the time to dance with your darkness, we know our darkness well, much better than our light, from familiarity you can transcend through a doorway of Faith. Beyond the threshold, you no longer allow negative thoughts to displace your true identity of I AM (so-ham). Only you can bring harmony to your physical body and only you can release yourself from the shackles of imposed mental chains. Darkness is left behind in the chamber of winter, slough your barriers and behold the Lady of Light, the Mother of Creation and know that You Are That: I AM (so-ham).

Repeat the mantra So-Ham, first aloud and into silence, 54 times, followed by an extended, silent meditation for a time of your choosing.