My first travel blog is about moving to Ouray, Colorado

I decided to create a new travel blog which may eventually become a website for our Bell Haus building located in Ouray, Colorado and home of K J Wood Distillers.

However, my first post was placed on my blog on health and wellness. Please click the following link for the first story.

Coming soon - our adventures in NYC over 9/11/14!

In the beginning there was a Colonial Home. (Update: I was able to attached to this post, scroll down!)

Yes! It's true! Me hubs, my kids and I are going to move to a little mountain town in SW Colorado, 45 minutes from Telluride. Ouray is a gorgeous mining town with it's own hot springs. We have wanted to live in Ouray since before moving to Loveland but it's a small town with little opportunities for vibrant income. Most people have their hands in many jobs. Nonetheless, we are at a position in our lives where we are able to move here. This is a total leap of faith but we have encountered so many signs that point to YES that we are raring to go.

Mission One: Move K J Wood Distillers to Ouray. This is my hubs pride and joy (or slave to it's master). We will be purpose building The Bell Haus for the sole purpose of housing the Distillery. We also plan to have a local coffee/catering facility provide food for the masses.

Mission Two: Find a home that can fit our family of 5 AND that we like. And yes, we found our new home with a very long history. John and I really do love the antiques and are completely excited to be renovating a miners home from 1883. And not just any miner - the owner of the mine's home! This Colonial Revival is, or will be, perfect!

In the meantime, there are some serious updates that need to happen. The home was last renovated in 1977 by the Dave Wood family (no relation but makes it easy to keep the front door knocker! Engraved with WOOD).

In 1977 Dave and Mary Wood blended a family and, as best we can tell, got a hellva deal on this home. They updated the kitchen, moved around some walls and fireplaces, added an upstairs master bathroom with deck and added a family room. Most of what they did to restore the original house was very well done. There are a few mismatched doors and funky texturing, but for the most part, what was restored is still in very good shape. What was the addition, on the other hand, has a bit to be desired.

The family room roof and guest bath is rotting, in fact the whole roof is in bad shape, but the original slate (yes, original) held up for over 100 years. But the modern roof was not built to last. The kitchen was a very dark room with very dark cabinets and Mary loved wallpaper.


And it was pretty much hideous wallpaper with matching curtains and bright paint (like blindingly so), all in a neat little package.

Thusly, we are doing our best to bring this old girl back to some turn-of-the-century (19th that is) charm and modernize the 3 bathrooms and a kitchen, because the 1970's are calling and they want their fireplace back.

To learn more about our renovation, I finally diversified to a travel blog: I will also post my travels at this address and bring back to a wellness and meditation blog. Cheers!