The Crazy Process

 Phase one: Tear-out carpets, curtains and dated cabinets; move some walls and create the ever desired "Open Concept." We have learned that Dave and Mary Wood enjoyed entertaining and were a huge asset to the community. We hope to follow in there footsteps.
View from the Family Room into the kitchen, we are down to the studs! The Kitchen was very dark, nestled between two load bearing walls. On the right, through the studs, is a sunroom with a nice large window. On the left (green wall) is the formal living room, with a nice bay window. We have decided to open up both walls and insert beams. Let there be LIGHT! 

I am guessing this is ArtDeco 1920s wall paper. Discovered behind drywall in the guest bath. We had open this wall due to a suspicious bulge in the wall, we found a black mold condensation problem from steam pipes from the coal/steam radiator system. Once this is all replaced and repaired, I plan to either have the wall paper recreated or handpainted. 

The masterbath is cleared! They had to saw the iron tub in half to remove. This was not a tub I wanted to reuse; however, our roofers asked if they could have the two pieces. They recycled the tub for cervesa money (their words, not mine)! They got 15 bucks and told us it really wasn't worth the effort. 

View from the former upstairs office into the now gutted kids bath, this room will have a new dividing wall for a bigger kids bath and a new second master closet.

Another view of kids bath, this iron tub (white, square in right of photo) is exceptionally deep and will be reused for the kids. It does have some porcelain wear, so we will resurface to protect against lead leeching. 

This is my view from my future tub! 

Welcome Ol' Blue Betty, she is a 280,000 BTU work horse, soon to replace the coal-burning beast in our basement. 
This is our creepy little coal room, not used in over 55 years, but still a 3" layer of coal. This may serve as our new "time-out" room. Kidding! 
This is Bumble and he likes Jinn! Our weekend rounded-out with a Festival at the Community Center in Ouray. I have never been so openly received by a community. Ouray locals are incredibly friendly. Good Ol' Fashioned Colorado.